What to wear during Spring Racing Season with Debenhams

It has been said that the glamour of past decades is gone, as society changes, with it, fashion does too. With the exception of major events, themed parties or even the red carpet if you’re a celebrity, there is a lack of blue ribbon events to entice that classy allure of yesteryear, perhaps that’s why Spring Racing season is an opportunity to revive the old fashioned glamour.

It’s that time of the year where Aussies celebrate the tradition of these iconic horse racing events. And with fashion as a major focus no wonder why the dress code is a big concern for all of those planning to attend, (at least for fashionistas)

If that’s your case, you might like to see what Debenhams has in store for you. Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending their Occasion and Spring Racing showings, needless to say how striking all the garments on display were, I even pictured myself wearing them all. Their new collection has something for every taste, whether you’re into girly floral dresses or a classy and minimal monochrome statement, there is something for every taste…. Did I mention fascinators and hats?

Aside from the racing range, the coveted dazzling gowns and occasion dresses by Debenhams designers were a plus too, featuring pleated finishes, metallic textures, and embellished fabrics in sync with the latest trends, these are recommended additions for the upcoming season.

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I couldn’t help it, I had to try it on, .aside from its gorgeous lace detailing and fresh print I loved its tailoring and finish, voilà…races ready!

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  1. That dress is beautiful and perfect for the races 🙂

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