How to deep cleanse your face at home with Skinclénz

I’m a big fan of self care, stuff like home spa sessions and all the rest that keeps me from visiting expensive dermatological clinics, not to say they’re not worth the time, but rather just to avoid that monthly compromise; yet I know certain conditions demand aesthetician care, like clogged pores and blackheads since poorly performed cleansing and squeezing at home can lead to skin damage, such as scarring, making your pimples worse and your pores larger.

So even though my issue isn’t acne, I learnt to coexist with blackheads on my T zone, it’s either a case of not touching them at all, or attempting to treat them with cleansing pore strips that barely work and rather bring dryness, so when I heard about the new Skinclénz Microderm handset  I thought I’d give it a try!

There are many products and gadgets which have left a good impression on me, but only a few got me saying “wow” Skinclénz being one of them – honestly.  This microdermabrasion tool, simplifies the process from a standard microdermabrasion machine into a convenient easy to use  tool.  It comes with three heads for different skin types and needs: Mycro-crystalline ( two units),  a Spot clean and a Surface Suction to use in four levels. It’s rechargeable by the USB provided and you can simply charge it in a power source.

Blackhead vacum Australia

The suction head I tried first was the Spot Clean, – needless to say I was blown away by the fast action and results, seeing my nose as clean as a baby’s nose for the first time in a long time, so with that covered it was a big YES for me.

In addition Skinclénz turned out to be a gentle yet effective tool to remove dead cells, by switching to the Microcrystalline head – I recommend starting with the lowest intensity during your first attempts – I went the extra mile and had a bit of redness due to staying in one spot longer ( you should keep it in movement) but nothing I hadn’t experienced at a beauty clinic, plus I loved the results and how soft the skin feels afterwards.

Last but not least in Surface suction mode it works wonders as a massaging tool, promoting blood circulation, which is critical for skin elasticity and tightening. It targets wrinkles and skin hyper-pigmentation as well as improving our pores appearance.

As you will see, the trips to the beauty clinic can be one less thing to worry about, all these benefits in the comfort of your home!

A few tips before using Skinclenz!

  • Hold a hot towel on your targeted areas for 2 to 3 minutes to open the pores ( This is what I forgot to do)
  • Choose the suitable suction head – whether to remove blackheads, exfoliate or massage.
  • Gently move the tool over your targeted areas and avoid staying in one spot for too long to prevent temporary redness.
  • Do not use the tool while any cream or skin care product is on your skin – just a minimal coat of moisturizer in case the suction head feels too rough on your face
  • Once you finish, remember to hydrate your skin, you could put a mask or simply apply moisturizer.

Below is a quick demonstration video, so you have a better idea of how it works and how to switch from one mode to another!


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Blog post in collaboration with Skinclénz