Sustainable Luxe – BombshellBay Swimwear

When sustainable meets luxe, cleans the oceans and makes you look good, well….you show it off….! By looking at this gorgeous bikini, most people wouldn’t believe its fabric is made from recycled plastics and ghost netting found in our oceans, but it is!

Now, I’m not suggesting to join the sustainable fad just because, I know sustainable is also using what we already have, there are many ways in which we can slowly do the transition to this lifestyle, but if we can make a smart decision about future additions here and there, we might as well keep in mind those brands making the difference., and with swimwear that looks like this, it just comes natural to be environmentally conscious right?

Sure, for most people the idea of sustainable fashion is precisely unfashionable, often with rough unappealing fabrics, but the people at Bombshell Bay Swimwear have been doing an amazing job creating a line that’s flattering, elegant and modern with a luxe appeal, that no way sacrifices quality or performance.  Their materials are a mixture of recycled products found in the ocean along with the highest quality Italian recycled fabric called Carvico Vita.

But wait until you try them on! Their fitting is amazing and the fabric texture the comfiest, – I really loved their different styles, but currently I’m obsessed with the retro touch of high waisted bikinis, like the one I’m styling below in a vibrant navy blue.

One more reason to put aside stigmas about the word sustainable and embrace it as a style choice and contribution to the planet!


Did you like this brand’s concept? Head to @Bombshellbayswimwear for more styles and info!

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