Get the “No Makeup” makeup look with this Bobbi Brown combo

Let’s face it, all we want from good makeup isn’t always limited to enhancing qualities and concealing imperfections, we also appreciate a natural appearance, like we didn’t try much or took look in front of the mirror, right? – however, such a trick isn’t always easy to achieve while remaining flawless throughout the day.

The thing is, lightweight minimal looking makeup isn’t so much a matter of how much product you apply onto your face or not, but how well you perform this routine as well as the quality and compatibility of your products. Sometimes primer and foundation can appear quite heavy on someone’s face because these dry and crack as time passes, simply because they were poorly applied or don’t mix well, while someone with 3 to 4 products can show off a barely-there makeup by using the right things properly.

Still, the idea of having more than three elements on my skin seems a bit extreme at the moment especially if they’re meant to stay there for hours. So when I heard Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base and eye base to nourish and treat my skin whilst serving as the perfect primer under the Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation I had to give it a try!

It wasn’t until the beginning of Autumn when the dry weather started to affect the way my makeup looked so it occurred to me, despite the fact I get overwhelmend at the thought of having to use something else prior foundation, that I should probably prepare my skin better.

And of course I’ve tried  Bobbi Brown’s products in the past but surprisigly the Vitamin Enriched Face Base was out of my radar…. what took me so long!

Vitamin Enriched Face base

Better than natural-looking makeup, is makeup that also nourishes your skin! The Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation went right at the top of my list with just one try, loved its lightweight texture and barely-there look ( my favorite if you ask) but……

The Vitamin Enriched Face base is definitely game changer addition, providing that moisture and nourishment that makes a foundation sets evenly, no flaking during hours and reaaaally smooths out the complexion.  Additionally you have the Vitamin Enriched Eye Base specially created to replenish and freshen up the delicate eye zone.

Note: As I mentioned before, this combo works for those who prefer a minimal makeup look, or an everyday look, while the foundation has a good coverage you might need the corrector to conceal acne or dark circles, in which case you’ll definitely love the Bobbi Brown corrector.

For better results and skin tone accuracy, I strongly recommend referring to the website’s virtual foundation try one, to find  your perfect match!