Sydney Guide – Yum Cha experience at Zhu Canton

It’s not just about the food, when dining out we look for an experience that can take us to a different place, or at least enjoyable moments in good company. Today I’d like to share a glimpse into the Yum Cha tradition, which from its Cantonese roots has rapidly emerged as a new foodie trend in the western world, and here in Sydney there is a new destination where you can indulge in this ritual whilst enjoying the immaculate venue.

Recently launched in August, Zhu Canton is indeed a gem which I had the pleasure of discovering last week along with other lifestyle and foodie media people. It’s set to garner a growing number of devoted customers as it has everything you’re looking for when it comes to Yum Cha or outstanding cuisine; I don’t know you, but if I go for lunch or dinner out, the place has to be inviting and by inviting I mean, pleasant to the senses and it was the case at Zhu Canton, as you step in, immediately you can feel immersed in asian culture thanks to its striking interiors, with different dining areas to suit your occasion. You can even enjoy an enclosed and elegant room for more intimate gatherings….

But what exactly is Yum Cha? The term refers to a Chinese Sunday tradition, the process of eating while drinking tea in the afternoon.

As I mentioned before Yum Cha is all about small dishes such as prawn or veggie dumplings, steamed veggies, vegetarian spring rolls and custard tarts and buns as well as other small but filling Chinese delicacies commonly served in wooden containers. The usual accompaniment for yum cha is Chinese green tea, which is typically served in traditional teapots.

As for my foodie experience I can only say there was Yumminess overload!. Aside from the small dishes we enjoyed other exquisite mains, I can promise you’ll be satisfied with just a few dumplings, they’re superb. This is ideal for when you want to gather with friends for a fun and extended chat while being entertained by the divine treats. Excellent service and a handy location were a plus and make this a hub to keep in mind for special celebrations. If you want not only a great food experience but a chic background for memorable photos this is the place.  I want to share with you a glimpse of my visit to Zhu Canton, hope you like them!












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Where ? 139/143 Alison Rd, Randwick NSW 2031

Open Hours – Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 AM – 22.00 PM



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