Global Street Style – Summer Trends

Listas para una dosis de estilo global? hoy en día no es extraño compartir las mismas tendencias en diferentes rincones del mundo, pero lo que prevalece es el estilo único que cada quien le imprime a su vestimenta, por eso publico esta selección de imágenes de bloggers de diferentes países luciendo las tendencias de verano (  ya recordarán el post anterior con estilismos de otoño) – algunos amigos cuyo estilo admiro y  otros simplemente captaron mi atención porque su actitud es mas que lo que llevan puesto. Por diversas razones bien vale la pena visitar esta lista de 20 blogs de moda.

Ready for a dose of global style? Today it is common to share the same trends in different corners of the world, but what prevails is the unique style  each one provides when it comes to dressing up. For most designers inspiration comes from real people on the street, so I wanted to share this selection of bloggers from various countries styling summer trends (remember the previous post with fall trends?) some are friends whose style I admire, and others simply captured my attention because their  attitude goes beyond what they wear. For various reasons you might like visiting this list of 20 fashion blogs.

 Athina from Not Your Average Style Fix – Greece

 Charlotte from Winston & Willow  – Australia

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 Becca From WinnipegStyle – Canadá

Martha from Addict Be Iconic – Tenerife

Lucie from Style Without Limits  – Czech Republic

Mery from MeriWild Poland

Lisa from The L Fashion – Germany

Renée from Fashionfillers – Amsterdam

Verónica de With or Without Shoes – Spain

Ruxandra from Brussels With Love – Belgium

Keit from Beauty In Insanity – Bulgaria

Yulia from Rusia

Erin from Simply Just Lovely – Newark

Emily from Love or Money  Los Angeles

Visa Lom from One Fine Day

Karla from  KQNS Style  from Miami

Rachel from Chicago Chic – Chicago

Nife from Skinny Hipster 

Flavia from Fashioncoolture Brazil

Lissa from Scenestealer – Singapore

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  1. Thank you for the feature! It was very nice


    Winston & Willow

  2. Jenny Marc says:

    Do we have to be bloggers to be featured? this post is cool, I wish you could pick my photo in the future.

  3. Love this post!! 🙂 Thanks for the feature Scarlett, you are awesome!!

  4. Actually son I´ll be featuring some girls with good sense of style…stay tuned!

  5. Thanks so much for all the wonderful summer inspiration! I love too see what others look like from all over the world! Great style! Thanks so much for featuring me too!


  6. thank you for the feature 🙂

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