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Global Street Style – Urban Catwalk

Attending in person, or viewing on tv, a fashion show witnessing outstanding pieces of work from remarkable designers, or reading the latest magazines to see what´s up globally can conjure up lots of inspiration to say the least, but lets be honest not all of it is practical. Most designers have admitted that their inspirations come from real people walking down real streets in big cities they have visited around the world at some point.  Nothing better than seeing fashion in the way people actually make use of it and with a purpose according to the occasion and life style of the actual person carrying it, this is fashion in the raw. So I decided to share these inspiring images from fellow bloggers around the world, who I admire for their particular sense of style, whether they are in Italy, Brussels, or New York they share one thing, good taste  and effortless elegance.

Una cosa es asistir a un show de moda con inmejorables tendecias de afamados diseñadores, mirarlo por televisión o leer las últimas revistas de moda; resulta inspirador pero siendo honestos no siempre práctico. Incluso muchos diseñadores admiten que su inspiración en cada temporada viene de la gente real, deambulando por las calles de grandes ciudades que visitan alrededor del mundo.  Nada mejor que ver la moda en forma real y con un propósito según la ocasión y el estilo de vida de quien la lleve. Por ello decidí compartir estas inspiradoras imagenes de colegas blogueros de todo el mundo, a quienes admiro por su particular sentido de estilo. Ya sea en Italia, Bruselas o Nueva York, ellos comparten una cosa en común, buen gusto y elegancia sin esfuerzo.

Irene  from Milano – Italy

Francesca from Rome – Italy

Francesco from Calabria – Italy

Maria Giovanna from Naples – Italy

 Antonietta from Calabria – Italy

Eliza from Florence – Italy

Ruxandra from Brussels – Belgium

Naomi from London – Uk

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Tabitha from Bordeaux – France

Laura  –  from Paris – France

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Sylvia from Germany

Aphrodite  from Dortmund – Germany

 Michelle from New York – United States

Tiago from Lisbom – Portugal

Hannah from Dublin – Ireland

Ingrid from Madrid – España

Dani  from Blumenau –  Brazil

Marc  from Hamilton – Canadá

Did you like their style? feel free to visit their sites, where they share their love for fashion/ Te gustaron sus estilos? visita cuando gustes sus sitios web donde comparten su amor por la moda




  1. oh I love this post! most of them are my fav too!
    Check out my blog, maybe you could find something from your next post 😉
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  2. Great selection! I love Irene, Francesca, Maria Giovanna and Francesco my lovely friends!

    Cheap and Glamour

  3. Wow I love Francesca from Rome 😉

  4. Sooo lovely Francesca and Maria Giovanna, go go go Italy!

  5. Thak you sooo much! I am so honored!!!

  6. love the style of francesca and tks for sharing did not know tabitha and she’s fantastic!ù

  7. totally in love with Francesca from Rome Style…W Italian girls ;)))))


  8. antonella c'est moi says:

    i love Francesca from Rome..she’s fab!!! Kisses

  9. Great post!!! Love Francesca’s outfit, such a great style !



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    I love it.Looking pretty.
    These dress looking amazing.
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    LA Street Fashion

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