Afterpay Australia Fashion Week Highlights – Romance Was Born

When it comes to Fashion Week, Romance Was Born shows are quite flamboyant, theatrical, epic. Those who attended their recent runway would agree it was an immersive experience. A whimsical setting that included a merry-go-round, laser lights and florals galore anticipating something magical, and it was….

While their proposal might have looked somewhat ornated, and the label is known for its elaborated creations, this time we should take into account the upcycling agenda some brands are embracing; the fashion duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales were in fact giving us a brilliant example of sustainability, giving new life to the remanent fabrics ad materials they’ve used in the  past years, as well as vintage, finds from their studio, which resulted in two collections constructed almost entirely from what otherwise would be considered waste – all “from a pile of stuff “

Some eye-catchy designs were the wedding dresses made from old materials, other short dresses propose the patchwork trend being entirely created from vintage pieces as well as crochet. Other stunning garments were undoubtedly the opera coats in fluid fabrics, but perhaps the predominant note was the embellishment and editorial appeal most looks boasted.


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