Key Fashion Trends Seen at AAFW

As AAFW comes to a close, the selection of proposals seen on the runways draws an aesthetic scenario for the upcoming months via some of the most loved and emerging local designers, who gave us a peek into what will feel fresh and relevant. Although the resort setting in which the Aussie Fashion week develops brings a much lighter feel compared to other events of its kind around the globe, sure it constitutes a window of inspiration – this version saw the influence of popular tv shows, the hunger for escapism post pandemic, and certainly a big dose of 00’s flashbacks which will indeed infuse our wardrobes this season…..
Colourful Off Duty Suiting
Sure tuxedos and pantsuits are nothing new, they’re rather ever-present features on runway shows and certainly the lives of those in  the working environment, but what was new was the splash of color, texture, shimmery and joyous mood these sets boasted during some of the shows,  including Daniel Avakian, Mariam Seddiq, and AJE, among others. Definitely a favourite of mine!
Mariam Seddiq
Sass & Bide
AJE – Courtesy Getty Images for AAFW

Daniel Avakian


The seductive appeal of chiffon, lace and mesh comes back in the form of slip dresses, tops and tunics. Another invitation  to unleash what was hidden after months of isolation, sheer fabrics are relevant and chic if you carry them tastefully .

Sass & Bide

One Mile -Getty Images



As I mentioned before we’ve been observing a collision of proposals aimed to celebrate the body, netting is a very revealing way to do so, but even if you are on the modest and conservative side of fashion, netting can be an interesting layering element  when paired with tops, shirts, and dresses, without showing any skin at all.

Wynn Hamlyn – Getty Images
One Shoulder tops and dresses

One shoulder garments never go out of style, in fact bringing this asymmetric element can be quite flattering and work in our favour, but for what is worth,  they are quite relevant this season, being spotted in several runways such as Torannce, Matteau and Gyre.



Matteau – Getty Images
Sartorial Maxi Coats

The perfect excuse to update our staples repertoire, a perfectly tailored maxi coat can elevate our style with simplicity and sophistication – the tip to keep these garments evergreen is compromising on a neutral palette that’s always easy to mix and match.

Beare Park – Getty Images
Beare Park – Getty Images
Wynn Hamlyn  -Getty Images
Cut Outs

Against all odds, the Cut-outs trend is proving its longevity and with multiple ways to display this trend in a garment, it shows no signs of a slow-down; seen in a variety of styles one chic way to sport cut-outs is via oblique cut out blazers and dresses just as this Rummer number; a more audacious approach was spotted during the Aaizel show with diagonal cut tops, while Sass and bide proposed a more seductive take with silky gowns exposing the torso



Regencycore  Inspired garments

Blame it on Bridgerton! We’ll be seeing certain opulence, romanticism and a more gilded aesthetic via puff sleeves,  volume, bows, head pieces, and even opera gloves. While is not a practical aesthetic to carry these days – with the exception of certain occasions-  there are ways to incorporate and reinterpret it with a more contemporary approach, your imagination is the limit!

Aje  – Getty Images

Sass & Bide

Dyspnea – Getty Images


Silk/ Sateen slip dresses

A 90’s revival with timeless factor,  to call it a trend is an understatement since its versatility makes it quite a wardrobe staple. We’ve seen a surge of sleep dresses in several collections around the world and is easy to see why, -its simplicity makes it a smart and appropriate garment for many scenarios.

Auteur – Getty Images

Bec + Bridge

Karla Špetic

Which of these trends is your favourite?

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