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Versión en español From a creative point of view fashion offers different scenarios and actors whose validation for connoisseurs varies depending on the case, whether by overcrowding their proposal, the prestige acquired after decades of positioning or media strategy to reach a market, all are oriented to satisfy the masses. However when it comes to Haute Couture this concept detaches slightly from the notion of fashion as we know it, to be conceived as an art that didn’t find virtue in mass market satisfaction yet without sounding exclusive since a piece of Haute Couture implies a singular nature. I would like to introduce Cecilia Perez, a Colombian designer who for more than 24 years has been devoted to the Haute Couture and whose work and passion for art have consolidated her reputation internationally and garnered recognition as a leader in the fashion industry by Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce. Her creations have been presented in major international runways such as Couture Fashion Week in New York, Miami Fashion Week and Martinique Fashion Week among others, through an interview with us at trendsvip get to know a little something abouthis creator of wearable art.

1. When did you decide fashion was your thing?

Since my first recollection I realized that art was inside me.  At home my mother was an addict to the seam, she had a great love and passion for it and encompassed all aspects, embroidery, knitting, macrame.  I am the youngest of five women and since we were born our  mother taught and passed on her great love to us. I always preferred painting, I am a graduate in arts but by studying a wide range of applications related to this I discovered one day  I wanted to design on a mannequin as if it was a sculpture and here I am.

2 – How a  Colombian comes to break through the international market, how was your transition and what was the biggest challenge you had to deal with to get where you are today?

I knocked on doors here in my land but never got an answer. My children are U.S citizens and have lived there for many years. I landed a meeting with a very prominent person in the industry by chance and the person took note of what I was wearing. He said it with great admiration and asked me if I wanted to hold my own catwalk event there and thus since I have gradually come to build wonderful clientele and I have had the opportunity to introduce myself in several international catwalks. A lot people who have attended my private workshops have shown great appreciation and respect.

3 – Your biggest source of inspiration

I can say that my greatest source of inspiration is a great gift of God that gave me birth, because I live inspired! This is not studied nor created , the delicacy that God lavishes on a daily basis to artists and therefore we must give thanks. One is educated, cultured and tries to learn every day but the inspiration comes from God.

4 – What is your hallmark and which elements can´t be missed in one of your creations?

I am in love with lace and I have studied much about it, I think that my creations are primarily romantic, I specialize in antique lace and silk veils.

Lace blouses, blouses, lace Couture

5 – How would you  define Cecilia Perez´s concept?

I just love designing and I find it hard to stop working, I love haute couture and unique pieces rather than collections and I love giving joy to those who wear my pieces.

6 – Is your artistic training fundamental in your work?

 I was a scholar of sketching and for many years I studied Couture design with a knowledgeable, exquisite and great teacher of this craft. I am a graduate in arts where one studies perspective, color, lines, etc, it’s a good comprehensive study and I had the best teachers in this area. I worked Sculpture for 20 years, I think that all my elements are given for this beautiful profession. This is not only in parts of Haute Couture. I love elaborate finishes on furniture, carpentry, buildings, jewelry, in fact I’ve actually designed jewelry.

 7 – Designers always expect to show their creations on important catwalks and fashion fairs, in your case your creations have been seen by the audience of important trade fairs as the Couture Fashion Week in New York, Miami Fashion Week among others, what advice can give to aspiring  designers who want to make their mark in this competitive market?

What is key in this competitive market as in all businesses is working hard, finding a sponsor can be important but when you don´t have one it can be difficult and expensive especially with organising presentations and the rest of it.

8 – What pleasant experiences so far from 2013 can share with us?

In May 2013 I was in Barcelona attending an invitation from Sr.Alex Flaque to have on display some of my designs while also presenting on the Gaudí catwalk. This semester I do not have any large overseas projects, I will be attending to my atelier and very dedicated to my customers whom I didn´t attend to 100% because of my travels.

9 – In your opinion, what advantages and disadvantages come with globalization?

The only concern that makes me think a lot and worries me greatly is that globalization in the fashion industry is ending the work of our employees like those who struggle every day to bring bread to their families. Governments need to be careful, we have great workers so why not open the doors of incentive for the fashion industry. Many people are dedicated to this industry and we need to have everyone working, work is dignity. Do we want peace in Colombia ……Let’s work!. While our industry works bless our workers, there will be joy and peace!

Haute Couture

10 – A stylish woman in your concept

One who owns her piece and makes a look of her own,  being sure of herself, combines manners, colour and personality, this makes it authentic and you will look radiant! with this elegance is born!

 To know more about Cecilia visit her web page where you will also find her social networks.