The Smart and gentle way to blow-dry your hair with Panasonic

It is said that our hair reveals our state of mind – Having a flawless hair, that’s glossy and nicely styled does make a difference when it comes to projecting the best of us, so we straighten it, we wave it, we curl it – according to our moods, our outfits, the weather, you name it – sadly with all that glamour is ultimately our hair the one that’s affected by all the heat abuse that comes with the use of styling tools and regular blow-driers.

Trust me, I started to see considerable damage to my hair and decided to give up to the heat for a while, putting away all the styling tools and settle with the cold blow-dry even if I had to deal with the freeze. Thankfully that didn’t last long. If you too feel you need to give your hair a break, let me tell you there is a smart and very gentle way to get it blow- dried and styled in no time, – not to mention protected!

I was lucky enough to attend and witness first hand Panasonic’s new hair care tool – the Panasonic’s EH-NA98 Premium Hair Dryer created not only to achieve a more efficient blow-dry and perfect smooth finish but to care for the skin and scalp as well.  After enjoying a glamorous styling session it was obvious this tool was a game changer

Remove term: Panasonic’s EH-NA98 Premium Hair Dryer Panasonic’s EH-NA98 Premium Hair Dryer

The technology

This hair drier offers 5 temperature settings, – one each for your Hair (Hot, Cold or Alternating), Scalp and Skin – and 3 power levels. To dry your hair, simply switch to the strongest power level, and start drying from roots to the ends. But the biggest point is the The nanoeTM ultrafine water ions, which easily penetrate hair, keeping the follicles hydrated while drying them at the same time.

When your hair is almost dried you can activate the EH-NA98 Intelligent Temperature Control Mode, the hair dryer then alternates between hot and cold temperatures. Cold air is useful to prevent “over-drying” of hair follicles and helps to lock in the shine of your hair, which brings that healthy glossy look!

Here after my 30 day hair challenge my hair is just blow dried in cold temperature, looks silkier, softer and much healthier as you can see in the photos below

Panasonic’s EH-NA98 Premium Hair Dryer

Panasonic Advanced Moisture Infusing Hair Dryer infuses your locks with nourishing moisture and packs in intelligent temperature control and quick dry nozzle to dry your hair in record time. This matte black and rose gold beauty is also travel-friendly thanks to its folding handle!

Post in collaboration with Panasonic, to know more about this product check EH-NA98 Info page

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