Romance was Born – Resort 18

To seal MBFWA’s schedule in astonishing fashion, Romance was Born’s euphoric vibes hit the nail on the head, designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett in collaboration with artist Del Kathryn Barton unveiled their resort collection called  “Electro Orchid”.

With a show like no other Romance Was Born lashed the runway with one of the most electrifying displays of the week; a surreal universe of eclectic references, emerging from a foggy atmosphere and under massive floral cascades, models walked to the rhythm of 70’s anthem ” I feel love”, each portraying mythical and epitome female characters, from the disco girl, a Madonna to a whimsical unicorn….not to mention a naked Eva.

Echoing the brand’s ethos, this was an expectedly flamboyant presentation whose aesthetic was a reflection of Del Kathryn Barton’s work back in 2014, exploring the world of womanhood with hints of nostalgia and allegories of fairy tales, beautifully enhanced by dramatic makeup and hairstyles with a decadent flair…

As for the proposal itself Romance was Born is everything but conventional, it is rather a niche label; it might have looked a bit outrageous on stage for those who live in the safe zone, but in times of conspicuous and rich trends every piece turns out wearable. If one is open-minded, where polka dot mini dresses, tulle blouses, and embellished denim garments can be adopted by almost everyone who follows trends, other more dramatic and bolder garments from this selection can be easily worn by up and coming artists and A-listers not afraid to stand out.

The following are some of Romance was Born best runway moments…get inspired!

Romance was born mbfwa 2018

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