Makeup musts for an effortless beauty look

If it wasn’t for the fact I dedicate a big part of my makeup routine to curling and lifting my lashes, my makeup would be done in less than two minutes – seriously.  I love a clean look that I can carry from day to night – just compact, eyeliner, lipstick and not much else ( and a dash of highlighter – my extra touch lately). In other words effortless makeup, I want a light foundation or compact that doesn’t require many layers and lipstick that last for hours…

That’s maybe the reason why I’ve fallen in love with Clarins, from lipsticks to foundations, to eyeliner and primer options they’re convenient and easy to use if you want to achieve an effortless makeup look; here a few of my favorites:

For Long lasting color 

Ever wanted natural looking cherry lips? Or long lasting and best of all transfer free sips and kisses? Well, our wishes have been granted with the new Clarins Water Lip Stain! I love adding a natural looking tone to my lips that last for hours without leaving any marks or having to worry about retouching after coffee and snacks!

Simple but chic makeup look

Flawless complexion and stand out lips

For a natural looking complexion the new Skin Illusion foundation is a must, a light formula that feels just as a serum and looks just like your skin with great coverage that evens out your tone in one go. And just in case,  the Clarins green Sos primer  to conceal redness.

Now the perfect complement – lavish lips with the velvety Joli Rouge lipstick range. Seriously I’m obsessed with this lipstick collection, – I get a velvety finish without ever drying the lips!

Last but not least, a versatile beauty tool, (space saver in case we’re carrying a very small purse) the 4 Colour All in One Pen with various eyeliner options and a soft lip liner tone, what’s not to love?

Best beauty products 2019

For a sunkissed look…

When it comes to makeup I like to keep it pale and mate as possible…but the Bronzing & Blush compact brings that glowing summery look we love! The SOS primers are perfect for a light tanned complexion in no time ( but guess where I’ve been using them instead… on my legs,  I love that honey finish!)
The 4 Colour all in one – this time with a dreamy palette in emerald, plum, deep pink and black we can play with more eyeliner options!
And for that finishing touch and eye impact – The Supra Volume Mascara,

But if you are after just a touch of color in the morning while getting relief, comfort and nourish, the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils – voila lush and healthy looking lips!

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