Karla Špetić Resort 19

Since her debut in 2008, Karla Špetić aesthetic has reflected the spirit of the contemporary woman, romantic but  adventurous, in sync with soft tailoring as well as playful but equally sophisticated designs; in this opportunity her Resort 19 show was held at a Bondi location, where she revealed creations gifted with flawless construction and laid back character but above all, reflected her commitment with the environment, and her work exploring sustainable and wearable garments, proving eco friendly fashion can be appealing and fun.

To begging with, this array was captivating from beginning to end, with a luminous palette ranging from whites, sky blues, mint greens, to oranges and the inclusion of gingham prints with sheer overlay. Another striking point of this proposal were structured blazers with emphasized shoulders in harmony with other fluid garments presenting a dichotomy of masculine and feminine silhouettes.

Yet, there was a subtle message encoded in some of the prints,  fabrics and materials used – While this collection features cotton and linen garments, as two of the most sustainable textiles, it also invite us to embrace smart and new purposes for materials  such plastic – One stand out piece during this presentation was undoubtedly the rain coat made of bubble wrap, which didn’t compromised the collection’s luxurious appeal and sophistication.

Thanks for your visit!