Insta-worthy Sydney Foodie Guide – Salt & Palm

A few days ago I came across an interesting eatery while wandering the streets of Glebe. The inviting setting of the terrace immediately captured my attention so we decided to give it a try, and as it turns out it was one of those memorable date nights, so I thought I’d share a glimpse of that experience with you guys – Not just for Indonesian food lovers but those into rich flavors,  Salt & Palm is a gem that will make it worth your while!

So, by now you’ve probably seen and visited a few Indonesian restaurants around Sydney, why is this one worth the post, – you might ask; well,  Salt & Palm simply stands out, and I know you Instaworthy hunters are always on the lookout for visually pleasant hubs around town, as well as being great value. Located in a charming cottage at the Broadway end of Glebe Point Road, with a lively atmosphere, evoking interiors, a fine choice of music, and of course delicious and inexpensive menu, it is safe to say this place ticks all the boxes!

The food

At Salt and Palm it’s all about traditional Indonesian dishes with a more innovative cooking approach by chef and owner Natasya Soetantyo and the offerings includes vegan options as well.  The menu is surprisingly economical, especially considering the quality & taste of the dishes, & extremely plentiful portions to top it all off!

The interior decor literally takes you right away to Bali!

As usual, I wanted to capture a few snaps so we decided to dine in the terrace for best lighting, as well as taking in a few street vibes, but for my next visit here, I might try any of the visually pleasant interior sections very insta-worthy indeed!

For starters, we had Chicken skewers with pickles and homemade peanut sauce, and lamb skewers basted with coriander seeds, onion, cumin, and sweet soy

I had the Ayam Bakar Saus Kecap – Grilled chicken in sweet soy sauce

And hubby enjoyed Rendang Sapi ( Beef rendang style)

The OG, Sweet and Icy with homemade pandan jellies and jackfruit, just heavenly!

Reasons to visit this hub….

The Venue

If you fancy the quirkiness of heritage architecture and funky decor then this is perfect for you.  From the lively terrace to the nicely updated and colorful interiors to a more intimate courtyard, there is something for every taste!

The hospitality

Loved feeling welcomed, the staff is very attentive and friendly!

Happy Hour

Get your friends ready – Enjoy a delicious cocktail selection between  5 to 7 from Wednesdays to Sundays at just $10 – who doesn’t love that!

Music Selection

I don’t know about you but poor music selection for any particular setting can be annoying  – I personally loved the music selection, perfect to get you in the mood but at a decent volume to still enjoy your chatting.

Totally recommended!