Bec & Bridge Resort 18

One of the highlights of the second day at MBFWA was certainly the Bec & Bridge show, hosted at an off-site location, offering an intimate setting allowing guests to take a closer look at the designs on stage while making everyone feel part of the show itself.

There is such a thing as the science behind “effortlessly sexy” and this time Bec & Bridge gave a good example with Meow Meow Resort 18; a youthful and vibrant collection where fierce and classy meet. The concept explores the possibilities of basic garments once they’re infused with a dash of drama and unexpected points of interest. We absolutely loved the sassy details in balance with sharp silhouettes and it was equally refreshing to see the old fashioned allure of Victorian blouses in juxtaposition with edgy pieces such as leather pants. Top picks were definitely the classic power suits with a sexy twist and sharper proportions.

As for the palette, Bec & Bridge kept it simple, cool and strong with basic and contrasting colors such as black, red, white, and blue, but we did see hints of polka dots as a major comeback print trend…what’s not to love? The following are the best moments describing how we experienced this runway…enjoy and get inspired!

Bec & Bridge Resort 2018

Bec & Bridge Fashion WeekHere with Izzy Smith from Izzy Wears Blog

And this is how the final moments of this runway looked like!


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