Wardrobe Update – 10 Staples to wear now

More than ever the current fashion scene proposes an ever changing scenario for those who want to keep up with trends. In moments when what’s relevant rapidly gets old – in a big part thanks to social media over exposure -making the right style choices is of the essence as well as taking a second look at what we might already own.

Whether your style is free from conventions or you enjoy refreshing your looks with the latest, truth is, fashion doesn’t change as much as it fluctuates; the recurrent use of stripes at some point every year, or the fact a certain item you got two years ago is back in trend shows how some staples defeat time and remain fresh; however an updated styling makes the difference, and ultimately sets that “now” look.

Even if you already own it, here is a quick look at what’s currently relevant, and how to use it for an updated style!

Something army  – If you haven’t joined this trend considering all the times it has been “on” then this is the moment to update your repertoire, you don’t have to go too literal with a camouflage print, instead just add the distinctive green tone in relaxed cargo pants, or a tailored jacket for a effortless cool look. And yes, this is the year for total color looks so you can go all green!

Vinyl – Some might find it a bit too much aside from the underground scene, but forget about the Gothic and alternative cliches,  instead give it a more street chic interpretation pairing your vinyl pieces with low key garments like denim and cotton, as well as soft and pastel complements for a striking style juxtaposition.

Polka Dots of course you’ve seen dots around, and sure there is something dotted lying around in your closet, but how to give it a make over this season? Pattern mix game is still a strong styling as well as pairing your dots  with bright colors or high contrast garments for a crisp and definitely grammable look!

Polka dots find here 

French sailor stripes When doing style additions, one thing is for sure, stripes are always a good idea –  but this season try  french sailor inspired tops; this horizontal theme might be difficult to wear when it comes to body proportions but you can play with the width of lines to balance your figure, – thinner stripes work great on curvy figures

Coordinated Power Suits If we think of a smart, versatile, casual yet elegant set we can use day to night year long, look no further, suits are totally dress code friendly! The new way to carry this look? Think about an 80’s flashback, where the blazer is a bit oversized – add the cool complementing with unexpected items like logo tees, funky shoes and why not a beret!

Something Plaid – Yes, while the Wales check suit seems to have been worn to its limit this season by almost every blogger out there, there are many other plaid prints to explore and rediscover, – think Clueless colorful checks as seen on Versace’s latest collection, a true homage to the 90’s

Clueless pants trend

All about statement sleeves – Warmer months call for simpler wardrobe options, but one can still add a bit of interest with bell, imperial and bishop sleeves. Tip, don’t overdo this look, just pair it with other understated and clean line garments to make them stand out.

Tuxedo dress – Another 80’s flashback – If you have a tuxedo dress in black then you are maximizing the potential of a little black dress, while scoring a two in one garment as this smart piece can be equally worn as a jacket or coat depending on its length.

Find tuxedo dresses here  

 Dark Denim statement – Denim is always around, so what’s new?  Well, don’t just limit the use of denim to your weekend jeans, but in your essentials reinvented think shift dresses and trench coats in every creative way you can think of.

Bold Shoes Last but not least, shoes are the character of every outfit, and this season stand out shoes are the focal point – Think velvet, metallic, embellished booties and the ultra comfy sock boots, – equally convenient during autumn or spring

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