Trench Coat – Autumn´s Must Have

You might be wondering what is so special about having a coat in winter,  just like wearing shorts in summer is nothing new. It turns out there is one more reason to fall in love once more with this piece. The Trench Coat in it´s classic form has become a celeb´s favourite item,  from Kate Moss, Victoria Beckam, Claudia Shiffer amongst others, so get your one out of the closet and give it some work, it´s the must have item.

Te debes estar preguntando que de extraordinario tiene un abrigo en invierno, tal y como sería llevar shorts en verano, pues resulta que el Trench Coat  en su versión mas clasica se ha convertido en el preferido de las celebridades,  desde Kate Moss, Victoria Beckam y Claudia Shiffer,  así que saca el tuyo del armario y dale buen uso – es el must have de la temporada

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Natalie Portman

Claudia Shiffer

 Rosie Huntington

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Taylor Swift

Emma Stone

Victoria Beckam

 Kate Moss Trench Coat, Celeb Looks, Fall Looks

Kate Moss



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  1. I love this selection! Trench coats are my favorite items!

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