Sydney Guide and Events – The Luxury Tour

An event to please the senses and celebrate all things luxury, with three big enterprises hosting an evening where jewelry, cars, and art meet in the heart of Martin Place. We were delighted to join Fairfax & Roberts, Tesla and Wentworth Galleries during their respective open houses, for an exclusive experience and viewing of the latest and finest selections each has to offer.

With a varied collection of cars, art, and jewelry, the event had something on display for everyone. In exquisite fashion, Fairfax & Roberts, one of Australia’s finest jewelers, hosted the first part of the evening in their Art Deco showroom on Castlereagh Street while indulging attendees with fine champagne, oysters, and other delicacies. Apart from browsing through the outstanding jewelry range, the audience witnessed how their in-house jewelers work their magic, turning metals and stones into not only bespoke designs but timeless treasures…

Next stop – Tesla

Our next stop took us to Tesla HQ to take a glimpse of their newest Model S – for those considering a new vehicle with the latest tech and electric power at a very friendly price. The Model S comes with everything needed to make driving pleasant and safe, among the most relevant gadgets and innovations we find an extra large Touchscreen with integrated Maps, Navigation and Trip Planner; Cabin Overheat Protection which keeps the car at a safe temperature for hours, focusing on child and pet safety, as well as Enhanced Autopilot capabilities which include Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Automatic emergency braking, parallel auto park, side collision warning, blind spot detection, speed Assist among many others.

A date with art

From engines to visuals, and to seal the event, a date with art and local culture at Wentworth Galleries, where collectors and basically anyone who wants a substantial acquisition can find contemporary and aboriginal art pieces. As we’re treated to the finest handmade chocolates and wine, we get introduced to the best of local art and also the opportunity of appreciating one of their most popular names on display –Kent Knight who also shared a few words about his work and history. A recommended visit for locals and tourists alike if you ask me, nothing like getting immersed in the intimate and captivating atmosphere that only an art gallery can provide while feeling connected to Australian heritage

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