Street Smart – Jumpsuits are the new jeans

With what’s going on in the world I have mixed feelings about buying certain type of clothes, probably because the current circumstances have forced us to re evaluate our priorities, in addition to drastic lifestyle changes, therefore not having much of a social life if any at all, it is reasonable to say party dresses are out of the equation at least by now.

However, with some countries lifting their restrictions there is a steady transition into a “new normal”. In other scenarios those still under lock down have at least certain times to go out there for essential activities and get some fresh air,  so it is fair to say there is room for some style talk and guilty free shopping when it comes to utilitarian items.

Although I admit this situation has led me to reassess my style choices, finding myself captivated by my mom’s vintage items, as well as rediscovering the charm in my old garments – I realised I don’t really have much basic and utility items for the everyday. Being always drawn to dressy, going out fashion I always end up missing practical stuff ( except for jeans).

So because I didn’t bring much stuff with me when I packed for my trip back home, I needed something practical and fresh for running errands and to give this lock down time a sense of normalcy, – I don’t know you but my attitude starts with what I wear.

Aside from homely gear becoming very popular during these past months, we can’t deny jumpsuits and boiler suits ( they’re so called because they were first worn by men maintaining coal-fired boilers )  are everywhere for the good reasons. Aside from their fashionable appeal, they offer practicality and comfort – just what we need these days, not to mention some styles provide a sense of safety under the current situation. So my guilt-free addition – in a while – was this linen jumpsuit, perfect for the hot weather in my city – which I’ve used as uniform for errands – with a mask of course and a ponytail (I feel it’s cleaner) but to keep the tradition alive I glammed it up for the gram!

While Linen jumpsuit, jumpsuit trend 2020


In case you’re looking for some jumpsuits or simply for inspiration I’ve selected a few styles you might like below


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