Postcards from Thailand

While browsing and organizing my files I stumbled upon this collection of pictures from an old trip to Thailand, back when I didn’t have Instagram and photos where most likely for our own satisfaction, just to perpetuate our experience at a given place. However I thought these were beautiful postcards from this magic place and wanted to share them with you a few highlights from that visit

Gifted with both – natural and architectural visual attractions Thailand has appeal for different types of visitors, One of the highlights during that visit was the Bangkok Grand Palace, once the official residence of the kings of Siam (and later, Thailand) since 1782, a conglomerate of stunning structures with a majestic architecture and distinctive craftsmanship, the area is composed by royal residences, throne halls, government offices, Buddhist temples, as well as impressive sculptures and monuments

And the National Park, – You need to take a boat to discover this memorable territory multiple islands and stunning limestone rock faces. Here you will see water villages built on stilts and also will have the chance to see  the James Bonde Islands – Ko Khao Ping Kan and Ko Tapu which have grown in popularity to become one of Thailand’s most famous landmarks since the release of the James Bond 007 movie titled ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ back in 1974.

Hope you like it, and find it inspiring in case you’re planning a trip to this wonderful land!


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  1. These pictures are so beautiful!

  2. Que fotazas Scarlett.

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