Collections we loved at MBFWA – Leo & Lin Resort 20

One outstanding collection seen at MBFWA was undoubtedly Leo & Lin’s. Ever since our fashion week turned exclusively into resort, we’ve gotten used to certain silhouettes, and distinctive proposals that meet the resort concept. But Leo & Lin went a bit further delivering an enchanting collection highlighted by strong and feminine silhouettes, alluring prints and interesting association of garments, just what we want to see at a show…

The collection called Imperial is inspired by creative director Leo Lin’s love of history and the way it’s romanticised through the passage of time, and a reflection of duality, blending aesthetics of two eras that had lasting impact on toda’s cultural zeitgeist, presenting elements from Ancient Rome and Victorian era aesthetic, embracing such dichotomy with the use of custom pattern trim, intricate lace detailing, rich fabrication and use of color in an elegant, strong and romantic fashion.

Thanks for your visit!