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Interview: “Eyola” A Lesson in Contemporary Victorian Aesthetic

Versión en español When talking about big names in fashion Alexander McQueen is without a doubt one of highest references, and since he is no longer with us just a few can lay claim to have the qualities that made him a legend, but Aloye Adede – the talent behind the brand “Eyola”, chosen as “Emergent Talent” by Vogue in 2009, and “Most promising designer” by the AFI proves why her iconic vision and art, in addition to her experience working with the one and only Alexander McQueen gain her credentials, recognition and enough merits to reach an important spot in the fashion world, where she has positioned herself as one of the new and few creators with a distinctive signature. Her designs denote strong tendencies toward Victorian aesthetics conjugated with sharp shapes along with dramatic styling resulting in an exhuberant contemporary concept. With some well known celebrities already among her fans and multiple features on major fashion publications, it´s obvious we will be hearing more about Eyola in different corners around the globe and that’s why I am more than pleased to be sharing this interview with my readers. The following is an interview Aloye kindly gave to Trends VIP

Eyola Brand, Victorian Aesthetic

Tell us a bit about the talent behind Eyola
The label spells my name backwards. Born in London, raised in the English countryside and Africa and completing my education in Italy, I feel at home in every city as travel has been such an integral part of my life and upbringing. Eyola and sister label Femme De Rose are inspired by my travels and adventures.

Trends Vip readers would like to know about your experience with Alexander Mcqueen
Working at Alexander McQueen was an invaluable experience. It gave me a diverse insight into the world of fashion and into the ingenious mind of Lee McQueen. I dipped my toes into most departments and I also had the honour of helping create some signature McQueen prints for the Spring/Summer 2007 collection, which also happens to be my favourite McQueen collection to date.

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When did you get started with your own concept?
I always had a strong magnetic pull towards fashion and creating stories in the form of acting, music, writing and art. So the journey for Eyola started in a similar way, it began with the discovery of the Victorian period which thoroughly captivated me. The more my intrigue grew for this period in time, the more I became inspired. From the bright coloured haute couture gowns by Charles Worth to the one of a kind masterpieces empress Eugenie wore, I took each part of my discovery and created a new story that I would eventually call Eyola.

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What inspires you?
Besides the Victorian era, I am also inspired by travel, art and architecture.

What aesthetic ingredients best describe Eyola´s creations?
A sprinkle of bright, rich colours mixed with a drop of intricate detailing and structured tailoring!

At first glance we see opulent elements from past centuries yet avant garde trends from nowdays, how do you achieve this?
The nineteenth century was an inspirational time for fashion. It was a period of great disovery where the old stood face to face with new discoveries and where creativity and innovations were greatly encouraged. It is with this ideology that each Eyola’s designs are created. We adopt the bright Victorian colour palette, exclusivity of designs and rich details when we begin each design process.

And in your creative process which elements do you take into account, for how long do you plan your collections?
Originality and timelessness of each creation. I follow my heart and sometimes this process can take between a few hours to a few weeks.

Do you have a preference for any particular fabrics and textures?
I adore wool, wool silks, wool satin whatever the mix I find myself always drawn to wool. I find it very easy to drape and structure. So versitile, it can go from a romantic fragile look to a more structured, strong, masculine cut.

As a designer what would be your biggest achievement?
To be able to expand into other territories and to keep growing as a brand. I am a firm believer that success is not a destination, it is a journey.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In your opinion how globalisation influences fashion industry?

Globalisation has both its advantages and disadvantages however I’m not sure which outweighs the other. The Internet gives young labels the opportunity to reach a global audience. On the other hand the exploitation of labour can be one of globalisation’s detrimental consequences. These are two reasons behind both Eyola and Femme De Rose honoring British heritage. We source our fabrics from UK traders as well as tailoring all our garments in the heart of London.

Your pieces are for those who definitely love uniqueness and high standards, but who is your muse of inspiration?
Currently, Marie Antoinette.

Can you give us a heads up on your upcoming collections for 2013?

We are currently working on Eyola’s sister label Femme De Rose’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Like Eyola, Femme De Rose creations are made to be enjoyed season after season so we have taken classic shapes and reworked them by adding a hint of our label’s personality and pop of colour.

For more info and updates visit Eyola

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