Fashion Video – Inside Chanel, A rebel at heart

“Choose simplicity over excess, comfort over appearance and intuition over principles. Change what you find displeasing, and anticipate timeless trends” – Gabrielle Chanel. When it comes to fashion there are many things we can learn from this legendary woman, but beyond the appearance, there are also priceless lessons to live by if we look inside the life of the ultimate feminist.

Gabrielle is not just a simple first name: it’s an incentive for all women to fulfill themselves, to have faith in who they are and to listen to their own voice. More than Coco the designer, it is Gabrielle the woman who we find at the heart of the CHANEL story.

The film Gabrielle, a rebel at heart offers new insights into Gabrielle Chanel the woman and the creations that made her legendary. The 18th episode of the Inside Chanel series invites us to rediscover previous short films and to read between their lines under this new spotlight. How was the famous little jacket born, what were the paradoxes that shaped the CHANEL look? What were Marilyn Monroe’s hidden secrets and her fetish perfume, CHANEL N°5?

 Here a glimpse of the first film of this tetralogy, Gabrielle, a rebel at heart will be shown on February 22nd 2017.