Eco Escapes- A place to switch off and detox your soul at Kimo Estate

With the rise of ecotourism, the buzz around venturing into the wilderness, rural areas and other exotic natural gems has hit fever pitch, carrying more appeal than a fancy European getaway for some. But even if the commodities of city life are non negotiable for you and ecotourism doesn’t spark your interest, let me change my approach and let’s talk “detox”.

Detoxing from our fast paced lives, hyper connectivity and garden variety stress most of us seem to experience by introducing a serving of nature, with tranquil settings and pure air (very rare luxury in a big city) as well as other memorable experiences we miss out living in the city, like sublime sunrises and stunning starry skies at night.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to visit one such retreat at Kimo Estate,  spending two lovely nights at one of their Eco Huts. Being a city person, the idea of unplugging myself for two days seemed like a commitment, but the truth is I enjoyed every single moment of it, including the three hour road trip from Sydney!

As it turned out, the countryside has so much to offer when combined with the laid back luxury and comfort these huts provide, appreciating the magnificent natural landscape, enjoying the pure air and general calmness of the estate was indeed a “me time” therapy out of the box.

It was a case of less is more – I was instantly captivated by the cosy ambience, and efficient use of space. Not to mention the structural design of our little home for two days.  Solar energy ensures lighting & usb recharging ports along with plentiful hot water, cellular phone services do work in the area incase you need to stay up to speed with work or study!

Things to do

Aside from the amazing view from the hill, the variety of birds and land animals & the charm that comes from natures calmness, you might wonder what activities can you do to make the most of your stay. Well, think outside the box – while you can visit a winery, take an hour drive to the falls, and other nearby natural attractions, why not see this as the perfect opportunity for those activities you constantly tell yourself you’d do if you had the time, such as meditation, yoga, or a much needed cardio session up a hill with the purest air you can breathe.

Who is it for?

While this natural retreat is indeed perfect for nature lovers, honeymooners or simply as a spontaneous romantic getaway to break the routine, it has endless potential, being equally suitable for a small family get together, perfect for getting kids to discover nature, or simply experience some solo time and do some reading, writing, thinking or reflecting.

Sensory Experience

As if all the reasons to give this hub a try weren’t enough, the hut’s architectural design is meant to provide a sensory experience from sunrise to sunset. And when the day is done, the grand finally awaits you… A sky full of stars the like of which i’ve never seen… quite frankly the highlight of the stay.

Equipped with everything you need for a comfy stay but allowing you to enjoy the rural experience,  these eco huts are ecotourism at its finest.

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Don’t mind the cold, it’s cosy inside!

Sitting above the lagoon, nature’s interactions are one event not to be missed.

Prepare yourself for a visual symphony,  waking up to golden sunrises & hypnotic billowing fog…

It wouldn’t be eco any other way, – preparing your own breakfast with the very best organic and locally sourced ingredients, real luxury!

Animal lover? Get immersed in their habitat, and surprise yourself with the diversity of birds you can find here.

A fire pit is always a good idea – Who wants toasted marshmallows?

How often do you get to see a sky like this? Almost like being in an observatory. If you ask me,  the best part of the whole stay…!

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