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Direct from the runway – Easy to wear trends of the moment

As time passes I’ve become more and more an advocate of seasonless fashion, so talking trends I’m up for those I can refresh my style with whenever they’re making a comeback. We’ve seen the neon, cycling pants and tye dyes revival, and although they can be a viral hit on socials, let’s be honest they wont have the same long lasting effect ruffles did for several seasons. The recent fashion weeks have showcased a bit of everything for everyone, and here at Stylish Journal we round up a collection of those we can wear with peace of mind, not just because they’re easy to carry but also because we can incorporate them into our style regardless of season and for many years to come.

Polka Dots

An all time classic in momentum, Polka dots are a striking feature this season which you might probably already have in your closet given the many times it has been in vogue, and it’s time for one more round. Seen at several resort runways, it is one not to miss for a current and feminine look this season.

Some current polka dot styles

One Shoulder

If you think we’ve had enough with off-the shoulder silhouettes, you’re not alone – although sexy and feminine, it’s time to give them a rest- at least by now. The next move? One shoulder garments! One of my favourite show-off trends as proposed by Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab, Givenchy,  Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton to name a few. An 80’s signature the one-shoulder promises a dash of edginess and appeal.

One shoulder trendOne shoulder models proposed by Thurley

More One shoulder styles

50 shades of yellow

Often deemed unflattering for some, the key to get away with yellow is wearing a tone suitable to your skin, this is cold or warm hues according to your complexion. Yellow was a stand out trend seen at various shows ranging from mustard to gold to canary  (my favorite)  a soft and much fresher option, if you’re shy but keen to give it a try!

Carla Zampatti – Bec & Bridge – Tiger Lily

Porcelain inspired patterns

This season patterns reign and back from its renascence in 2015,  we’ve seen hints of blue China porcelain patterns here and there, from runways to our Instagram feeds with some street style adopters, but perhaps one of mots outstanding references would be the one proposed by Dior as seen on tote bags and gowns.

Leo & Lin

More porcelain inspired print styles

Leather/Faux Leather

A winner, for me personally. I love how strong and edgy an outfit can become with leather or leather look garments. Not just as Winter outerwear,  lighter pieces such as shirts, sleeveless tops and shorts have become multi-season statement choices .

Find current leather/faux leather styles

Crochet, macramé and knit 

A touch artisan craft – More and more people are turning their attention and desires to distinctive straw handbags and accessories, as well as crochet and macrame pieces  since some of the most coveted brands included these in their collections. The boom has been such we no longer thing of them as resort elements, we’ve seen more structured bags and dressier garments that being part of our everyday style.

Candy Mood

Pastel colors are irresistible to some, – myself included, they add a touch of freshness in the warmer months and can make Winter days less gloomy, did I mention they can even make you look younger? And no, is not about wearing pink all over, think ageless tones such as mint green, sky blue and the season’s favourite – lilac!

Karla Spetic – Leo & Lin – Thurley

Boiler suit

Not your average jumpsuit but equally practical. An elevated take on utilitarian fashion with a relaxed feel. Boiler suits were spotted in various catwalks including Celine and Giambattista Valli – Although they’re quite popular this Summer, boiler suits are perfect for transitional weather as well, it all comes down to materials, right?

We’re Kindred

Colorful Suiting

Needless to say suits are a timeless and seasonless, statement for some and staple for others, they’ve become quite popular beyond the corporate environment in the past few years, however the new take brings them in a whole rainbow of colours, the bolder the better if you dare to make a memorable entrance.

Colorful suiting trendCarla Zampatti – Thurley

Shop colorful suiting

Beige, nut and khaky tones

When it comes to trends, beige is  a safe bet, so safe that most people would consider it boring; not so long ago the only beige item in my wardrobe was a trench coat. But I’ve been experiencing a shift, and looking at beige with new eyes, embracing its potential and qualities, head to toe or just mixed with other colours – I can’t deny it brings a whole new understated elegance. Not just a Summer’s 19 popular, but a solid option for the upcoming Winter as seen at Dior, Fendi and Burberry’s shows.

Tiger Lily – Karla Spetic – Thurley


Which one was your favorite?

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