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To some extent, bags can be comparable to friends, although you share a special bond with every single one of them, certainly you know who to call or share moments with during different scenarios and circumstances. There are those who are always keen to party, those more low key who are of the “coffee and a bite on the street” mould, and those you can simply take with you everywhere…..Bags are the same, there is a bag for every occasion, but sometimes you can find one you could take with you everywhere.

Like most women out there, I’m a bag lover, so even when it comes to adventure or simply wandering around in a comfy and relaxed mood, I want a bag that goes in sync with that. – hip, understated, practical. So when I was introduced to The Sak, I though it would be a good addition to my collection, a perfect companion for my weekend plans.

For those unaware, The Sak is one of the USA’s largest handbag companies that’s been around for the last 24 years; sold in more than 850 specialty stores across 24 countries – including Australia. A brand that encapsulates the ‘relaxed Californian’ allure, whose philosophy is happy & free, effortless and free spirited.

The Sak’s signature is a mixture of hand-crocheted and casual leather bags, mini bags, fashion accessories, tech, travel, home and shoes. My choice was this Deena leather crossbody SIENNA, which combines a beautiful hobbo shape, with effortless and free style, just the perfect size to conveniently carry not only my essentials but also my camera, and an easy to access zipper flap where I can easily reach things I might need right away. It comes in dust blue, coral, and black, but I though this Ivory tone would look chic with pretty much everything. Feel free to visit The Sak’s website to discover more styles and get to know more about this american label!

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