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Retro high-waisted panties, bikinis, trikinis, lycra, crochet…  one might think in this day and age there is little to come up with when it comes to beachwear, yet a growing army of labels makes it hard for any one particular brand to stand out. But while quality is of the essence, value is always expected, so what makes a brand not just appealing but worthy? There are many factors by which a brand can be defined and identified by, whether it be its aesthetic, high standards and of course – synchrony with trends. If you’re in Australia, you’d love to know about Contessa Volpi.

From Milan to Sydney, Contessa Volpi brings that high-end craft Italians are known for, inspired by the Australian sands and waves, the label is the vision of Enrica Volpi, an Italian woman who fell in love with the local culture and its idyllic beach lifestyle, Today I had the pleasure of sharing our interview where this designer chats about her beginnings and her journey with Contessa Volpi, and I wanted to share it with you….

1. What awakened your interest in fashion?

I’m from Milan and since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer – I grew up in the Milan fashion world. As high school my parents wanted me to do a more scientific school which gave me more opportunity for different kind of jobs. But eventually, for my University I choose the Academy of Fine Arts, [focusing on] fashion.

2. How was your first foray in the fashion industry?

 I launched my first collection under the lingerie/swimwear label Adorisadora in Milan after that me and other 2 girls,who became after my partners, won an important national competition in fashion . I guess that I saw a gap in the intimate fashion in Milan that was full of trendy brand for women clothes but missing of high quality and unique brand of lingerie and swimwear. I think that the time with Adorisadora saw me develop my individual style and consolidate the passion for working with quality textiles, attractive colours and unique print combinations.

3. What inspired you to create Contessa Volpi?

I came to Australia ten years ago for one year, and I immediately fell in love with the people, the place, the weather and the way of thinking. Three years ago, I decided to come back to this beautiful country to try to live here permanently.

I found myself in the Australian beach culture, so I wanted to do what came naturally to me — which is designing swimwear. I felt stronger about it than my previous three-year experience in Italy of having my own company, which produced lingerie and swimwear. So I chose to use the most high-quality material — Italian Lycra — combined with manufacturing in Australia, which is worldwide recognized for the swimwear and the surf-beach culture.


4- What does Contessa Volpi Stand for?

Our idea is to combine in one product the Italian design reinterpreted with the Australian beach culture, highest quality materials and excellence in manufacturing to deliver the best swimsuit in the market! We specialise in one piece swimsuits and bikinis that are made from high-quality Italian Lycra by hand in Sydney, Australia. Contessa Volpi Swimwear brings Italian beauty, admired by all, and combines it with Australian sass.

5- What makes your brand different?

Three words: STYLE, UNIQUE AND QUALITY, If you want swimmers that are inspired by Italian design but made to the highest standards in Australia, you have found the right place. Contessa Volpi is synonymous with freedom, beauty and strength. We continuously strive to blend prints and colors from around the world with luxurious fabrics and modern fits. We are our own inspiring customers and our toughest critics. Innovative, fashionable, high-quality swimsuits and bikinis are as important to us as they are to you.

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6. How do you ensure you  provide a  competitive product?

Most of the swimwear are made from the Chinese lycra and manufactured in China, even the most expensive swimwear brands, sometimes they are quite good,but  most of the time the bikinis will last only 1 or 2 seasons.

I’m trying to pass the message of the high quality and long lasting of our products..not only the material, but also combined with manufacturing in Australia, which is worldwide recognized for the swimwear and the surf-beach culture. It’s a swimwear that will last for years and still in very good condition.

As well is very comfortable and smoothie on your skin and everything is studying to find the perfect fit.. so far we haven’t had any costumes back from all our sales!


7. Last but not least, share your thoughts about the current and upcoming trends we can find at Contessa Volpi

The current line offers a cosmopolitan interpretation of modern Australian beachside fashion, combined with a hint of European sophistication and a not-so-subtle nod to the Nineteen Twenties. Contessa Volpi takes inspiration from the Twenties as it was a decade characterised by prosperity and celebration, during which women became increasingly liberated. In many western countries, women first received the right to vote in the 1920s.

The women in that time started to wear dresses that didn’t have any construction – no more corsets! They felt free to be whatever they wanted to be and with my swimwear, I hope that women feel free to be whatever they want to be — and in the meantime, that they feel beautiful and confident.

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