Beauty Essentials – Blow dry your hair in minutes with Dyson Supersonic

Hair is part of our mystique, so much that it is said we feel as good as our hair looks, sound about right? Have you found yourself getting discouraged from going out, or rejecting a last minute invite because your hair has seen better days and you don’t have the time to wash, blow dry, and style it in time….? Yeah me too.  What if taking such a long time to blow dry your hair is one less thing to worry about?

Turns out that all the stone age issues linked to regular blow drying are indeed a thing of the past. I found this out a few days ago, when I was lucky enough to attend the Dyson Purple launch in Australia, where a group of bloggers and social media people were able to test and enjoy the benefits and technology of this limited edition hair tool. I heard it was great, but this time I was really blown away.

The Dyson team gave us a brief yet insightful talk about their blow dry technology and engineering which took two years to develop, you know what they say, good things take time, and in case you don’t know it yet, I’d like to share the good news with you!

For a limited time you can enjoy a 25% off EXCLUSIVE OFFER, for your very own Dyson Purple – used at Dyson’s site – valid until August 31 – if  you’re interested text me for details via my Instagram account @stylishjournal or at the end of this post

Time saver

So, What’s so good about the Dyson Supersonic? – You might ask …. well, I should start by saying it simplifies our life. How long do you, or your hair stylist take to blow dry your hair?  It could go anywhere from 20 minutes for short/medium length hair to an hour if you have longer or thick hair. Whether or not you believe it, once you’ve tried it you realise it’s a totally a different story, my medium length hair was blow dried in less than 15 minutes, I’ve never been so impressed by a beauty tool before.

Acoustically tuned

I used to think twice before my hair routine regarding not only how long it would take, but also how much noise it makes, you could be at the door talking to me and I wouldn’t have a clue. But with Dyson Supersonic being acoustically tuned, its minimal sound allows me to keep watching my favorite program as I gently blow my hair.


Intelligent heat control techology

Perhaps one of our major concerns about blow drying is heat damage,  – you can do it cold but in most cases you won’t fix the frizz problem unless you do another procedure. With Dyson supersonic’s Intelligent heat control technology, ensures your hair isn’t exposed to extreme temperatures; forget about the dull ironed look, you’ll actually be sealing your hair cuticle, making your hair look shiny and soft.

Given its advanced technology, Dyson Supersonic’s digital motor is located in the handle, not in the head, a smart design that makes this product lighter and easy to carry, store and travel with.

On the photo, a regular blow dryer’s engine compared to the lighter and smaller design from Dyson.

With all these perks it’s easy to see why the Dyson Supersonic is such a good investment, it saves you precious time, not to mention saloon bills. Once you compare it to your old hair dryer, you’ll be asking yourself how did you survive for so long without it! – Seriously!

For all my readers, followers and basically anyone who just landed on this page – for a limited time you can enjoy a 25% off EXCLUSIVE OFFER, valid until August 31 – if  you’re interested text me for details via my Instagram account @stylishjournal or at the end of this post


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