Trend Report – Focus on fabrics and textures of the season

When it comes to trends, there is usually more than meets the eye, whether you’re involved in fashion or are simply image conscious, trends are a language that goes beyond the way we dress, it also resonates in the way we live. But decoding trends involves more than a simple visual analysis, which often turns out redundant to the general consumer. We all talk about silhouettes and styles of the season, in actual fact, fabrics, textiles and textures also define today’s fashion and are key features by which we can renovate our wardrobe without compromising on style.

Fabrics and textures are a major component as to what trend forecasting predicts, and for the current and upcoming seasons the trend landscape invites us to explore bold and picturesque references with focus on textures and an invigorated color palette for a luscious and decadent look with a modern approach.

A renaissance and collision of diverse eras, this is perhaps one of most extravagant moments compared to what we’ve seen in the latest years.. The following is a list with some essential fabrics, textures and materials prevailing and their new interpretation.


It’s old news, talking about the use of lace fabrics as a trend when it is in fact an all time favorite, whether with revealing transparent gowns, or a lady like tea dress, lace stands for refinement and remains evergreen throughout time. However, lace is no longer a spring summer hallmark as we’ve seen of late, rather it’s a fresh proposal for fall winter collections. For a mix of soft and strong, lace is the perfect antithesis to leather as seen on several runway shows where lace dresses and Victorian blouses  were  gracefully  paired with leather jackets and coats. We can even spot this fabric as an ornament to other heavier materials. Think velvet dresses with lace sleeves, or leather jackets with lace detailing.

Fabric trend report 2017 -2018

Jacquard and brocade

Can we talk about the opulence comeback without Jacquard? Definitely not.  This fabric is a statement in itself and brings back a sense of past centuries decadence. As part of the metallic trend or with an fashioned allure we’ve seen this season’s runways full of usually hard-to-pull-off pieces turned into fresher ideas. Whether tapestry or retro inspired,  it is the perfect ally when it comes to adding  richness and opulence to a casual look, as seen of late, -feel free to stand out!

Lamé and Metallic

Echoing the extravagant glitz and glam from the 70’s and 80’s, gold lamé and other soft metallic textures take over the night scene. We saw the arrival two seasons ago with the metallic pleated skirts, but the trend has now extended to a more generous use of lamé fabrics with a futuristic rock ‘n’ roll touch in fluid silhouettes and fabric with exquisite motion.

Lamé and Metallic fabric trend


It made a steady come back as a 90’s reminiscence, but we can’t deny velvet fits in today’s scenario while providing comfort and a sense luxury. From the column slit dress to glamorous power suits to hooded capes, and from daytime formulas to evening wear, what’s not to like?

Velvet trend fabric 2018


Tweed is exquisite and encapsulates distinction – no wonder why it is til today one of Chanel’s signatures.  But for the upcoming seasons we will see this classic texture in a funkier interpretation and embraced by the younger tribes. Think garments with fringed or raw edges that are used for garment detail.


Far from its evening wear context, organza and other similar sheer fabrics become a common choice in an everyday and casual scenario. We’ll see this in reflective and transparent surfaces exploring silhouettes and patterns shaped by digital processes.

Woven and knitted fabrics

As  an alternative to technical and synthetic fabrics, – if we look at everything that evokes comfort, nature, and earthy impressions  from the 70’s boho tribes, then we have woven and knitted textures. The modern take will bring a primitive, rustic and  free spirit allure.


Textured and Embellished surfaces

A winning formula consisting of 3D effects and dimensions. Perhaps it is the visual appeal on Instagram, or simply flashbacks from baroque and rococo aesthetics, – either way the younger crowds seem to have embraced these references as their own. We’ve seen the 3D floral handmade ornaments for a while now, but basically there are no limits for what can be called an applique anymore. Denim loaded with pearls, or lace with bling, maximalism is here to stay.

Leather like fabrics,

Wild and fierce – Leather is timeless, and edgy.  Not a fabric but a texture with character.  Far from the usual black and brown tones, we’ll see this material in a more colorful palette and softened by interesting laser cuts and brocade finishing.


Wild and daring as leather, and somewhat flamboyant – another eye catchy flashback from the 90’s we can resist, but unlike the playful and pop star take from that decade, this time vinyl comes in sartorial and cutting edge silhouettes

Synthetic and Recycled 

Last but not least, the innovative approach, where the blend of synthetic and recycled materials call for a sustainable fashion. We’ll see transparent textures explore forms of nature as well as architectural and experimental shapes.

Something for every taste, what’s your favorite fabric trend?


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