Trend – A lilac suited moment

Hypothetically speaking, if I had no other choice but to live in one type of outfit – look no further, that would be pant suits! And If you’ve seen all the outfits from fashion week invading your insta feed, you must have noticed bright uni-tone looks and pant suits sets as a stand out trend. But as a true Suit lover, I don’t need fashion week to remind me about that, -I’ve wear these sets pretty often regardless my runway cravings. However, I did wanted to jump on this season’s color theme, and since neon isn’t my cup of tea, Lilac was quite a temptation a couldn’t resist!

Back to the main topic, Uni-tone outfits. Forget total black, total beige or total white stuff,  these are a safe move. Now thinking you are too red, too yellow when putting together same color pieces in one outfit… yes, it was a thing to consider, but not anymore. For instance, now it is quite a statement to wear an all green, blue or purple attire . If you want to give it a try but not sure how to pull it off, a try monochromatic combinations, by using different tones of the same color, but no more than three. Like dark and pale blue, or like in this case – two tones of lilac in my outfit.

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