The style guide for spring racing season

Spring racing season has arrived and it’s not just a matter of sports, It’s also the time of year to indulge in festive style, keeping traditions alive and bringing back old fashioned glam! but how do we keep things fresh and forward when racing style is precisely all about tradition? Should we follow the dress code by the book or can we embrace more innovative trends to attend races in striking fashion? Well, no rocket science here, just a few key factors to consider…

So, the “Race Look” – what makes it distinctive, and how do we sort it out into our own particular style? While a head piece certainly makes the difference between a race outfit and any other occasion wear, there are other little considerations to keep in mind, as not every cute floral dress is race appropriate; not too short, not too tight, and importantly not too revealing, – it’s all about looking classy and tasteful over sexy, if you have that worked out, feel free to be creative and express yourself. We’ve seen the rise of striking alternatives to dresses such as jumpsuits, suits and interesting coordinates, the key is to make it work together in a cohesive theme…


Head piece of choice
When it comes to head pieces and millinery keep in mind proportions and shapes that actually work with your height rather than extravagant ornaments – these, rather than make your stand out can overshadow you. Looking for inspo? Floral crowns if you are after a whimsical and boho look, tiaras and turbans for low key lux and wide brimmed hats for a mysterious and sophisticated allure.

Floral Crown from Lovisa at QVB Sydney

Tiara from CUE at QVB Sydney

Proper dress
Whether you go for relaxed and effortless or a flawless sartorial edge, make sure you pick a silhouette that flatters your body, with knee and mid calf being recommended lengths. You can’t go wrong with A line dresses and skirts, as they work great with most body types. However if you are not into dresses, pants, suits, or your favorite outfit formula can be a striking choice too. Last but not least consider the unexpected in regards to weather, it’s a chance to play with interesting layering such as a light cape or a clean cut blazer.

What to wear for spring racing carnival, spring racing lookCape dress from CUE Spring season – QVB Sydney

 Dress from CUE Spring season – QVB Sydney

Spring racing fashionKaren Millen dress /  Helen Kaminski hat and clutch – find them at QVB Sydney

Chic but Comfy footwear
Mmm, well – as much as possible, most stylish shoes have a certain killer shape that won’t take you far on a long racing day; you’ll make the most of your spring carnival experience with shoes that keep you happy and are equally chic, such as sandals with tick heel, which can provide more balance and comfort compared to sharp stilettos

Details of essence 

– For racing fashion just as with any other occasion wear, keep in mind the golden rule of balance: if your dress is sober or low key then you are free to dress it up with a “show” head piece and statement accessories. If your garment is already too detailed, elaborated or has significant volume it would be best to finish the look with a more subtle head piece.
– It is valid to think out of the box and experiment with diverse styles that you are comfortable with, that being said, you can go trendy, boho and even alternative as long as you keep it classy.
– There is room for playful and certainly retro inspired looks but don’t over do it, or your outfit might end up looking like a costume, you have to own your style, wear something only if you are into it.
– Be mindful of the dress code for each day, you don’t want to go colourful on Derby day, too low key on cup day or too sexy for Oaks.
– Last but not least, being a day time event, opt for effortless fresh and natural make up and hair do that you can easly refresh and retouch throughout the day!

Now that you have these notes clear, get your look ready, but don’t over do it!

Do you have your racing fashion sorted ?


In collaboration with QVB via The Right Fit