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The Corporate Collective - A destination for the working girl

The Corporate Collective – A destination for the working girl

Believe me, I might be freelance now but I know what it’s like to wake up every morning having to sort out what to wear for work in no time five days a week; I was once a girl who would spend 8 hours a day at an office and while putting together an outfit should have been fun for me, it wasn’t the same story when it had to be appropriate, convenient and on top of that reflecting success (you know what they say, dress for the job you want, not the job you have).  Truth be told, my friends working in corporate environments often tell me they’re not convinced their outfits are professional enough, and when they do they don’t feel in their element, to which I can totally relate, even now despite not having to adhere to any particular parameters I have to look the part whenever I’m having meetings for projects and collaborations, it’s all about presenting your accountable self but still keeping your own particular style.

Turns out we often think corporate style is restricted, but how about finding the perfect balance between functional and fashionable garments, that feel personal and whose life can be extended beyond the working environment?  The people at The corporate collective have already done the job for you!

The Corporate Collective is an innovative, curated and original approach to the working woman’s wardrobe. If you’re looking for an alternative to your workwear shopping experience, look no further, they offer work friendly yet versatile pieces from selected labels, that are fashionable and scream success!

Some of the brands we can find at TCC, are Keepsake the Label, C/meo Collective, The Fifth Label, Finders Keepers, Ministry of Style the label, Elliat and many more that are still to be added, but today I’d like to show you this Sasha Drake set, combining the sartorial factor of a nicely tailored shirt and the fashionable touch culotte pants bring – simple, elegant and stylish, so easy to dress up and dress down according to your needs, I added a pop of color with red pumps and voila, professional yet ready for action after 5!

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