The jewellery edit with Pandora

As women, we have a special need to create a correlation between our personality and the way we look, call it personal taste or simply style, we are often distinguished by personal choices, things that we do, how we act, and of course how we dress, but nothing reveals hidden clues about our identity quite like jewelry does. Whether because we are in an specific mood, dressing up our everyday garments or wanting to scream to the world here I am with statement pieces.

In my case, I’m a bit bold with my clothes, but subtle with jewelry; when it comes to bold and conspicuous accessories, I have to admit I really love to see them on others  but rarely carry them myself; whenever I’m shopping and feel tempted to grab tassel earrings or any other trendy style of the moment a little voice says go for more discreet yet significant pieces, – those I can mix and use whether for work or a night out… no wonder why I was so thrilled to style the Pandora Christmas Collection!

Synonymous with finesse and beauty, Pandora always brings the right dose of sparkle and elegance, and in its latest collection every piece has the festive feel to welcome the upcoming season while keeping a timeless and contemporary allure. The clean cut pendant necklaces are perfect to use in a layered mode, to tastefully enhance the most basic attire; of course nothing like the charm bangles for stand out touch !

The festive touch

Everyday outfit accents

In collaboration with Pandora

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