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Don´t know if you´ve noticed how cupcakery places are one of the new gathering places akin to coffee shops these days, maybe in part due to the popularity of beautiful macarron snaps on IG, or the seek for a new way to spend a fine afternoon with friends in style it´s certainly become a place to go, When in Sydney whether you´re looking for a fancy birthday cake, stylish cupcakery for your events or simply be indulged with designer cakes in a chic atmosphere, Black Velvet is indeed recommended not only for the quality of it´s products but as a totally chic destination,

When my friend Jenny Wong from the food blog See Taste Do invited me to join a High Tea Fashion event I coudn´t resist! Local designers, journalists and bloggers were welcomed with fine live music, meticulously detailed decor, and of course exquisite designer cupcakes by Orlando Sampo, founder and talent behind Black Velvet who has combined his passion for design & baking, discovering a niche in the marketplace for delicious designer cupcakes, wedding cakes and luxurious natural home fragrances. Some of his recipes developed ten years ago have garnered Orlando numerous awards and recognitions which makes of BV a first class destination and quite an experience for the senses.

To best describe the memories and allure from that wonderful evening I´d like to share these images and hope you enjoy them!


DSC07694 s



To make the evening even more pleasant, we were delighted with live music from Serenade Jazz Band

DSC07780 s

DSC07740 s




DSC07813In lovely company of Rachelle Rodrigues from Serenade Jazz Band, Jenny Wong from the blog and Ceri Foster professional phototgrapher from Artof2 Photography

collageFirst photo with Sam Jones from PolClothing and second photo with Orlando Sanpo. Owner of Black Velvet


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