Stock Up – A few beauty & style musts to treat yourself

When you are a woman, some stuff is needed every now and then (actually a bunch of stuff aka maintenance) – those essential everyday things to treat ourselves.  You’ve probably seen via my Instagram, posts about items from brands I’ve collaborated with or been given for review. And via instastories you guys often ask how good they are, and if they’re worth buying or not, which is why I’ll share a few honest thoughts about recent products I’ve been using – Here are 6 of my latest style/ beauty musts I’m obsessed about and totally recommend!

Good hair, good day!

If you’re a fan of a more natural and effortless hair look, the GHD Glide hot brush is for you; unlike irons and a full blow dry, with this tool we can keep a soft volume and frizz free locks. Easy to use and with gentle heat level, it works great for second or third day post wash; it is ideal to save time in the morning and overall to give a fresh appearance to your styling. However it is not an straightener itself.

To be stylishly on time, an Avery Milton Watch

A little something for your wrist that’s always fashionable – Time! I’ve received this gorgeous watch from Avery Milton. and it has become one of my beloved staples. In times were we see every watch here and there, Avery Milton pieces do stand out, they feel different and their details make the difference. Sourced with the best of each components in the world. The heart of Avery Milton watch is a Swiss Made Movement, The case is made of 316L surgical stainless steel which has an extra low carbon content grade and is extremely resistant to corrosion. The glass is made of sapphire crystal with extraordinary scratch-resistant quality – the same glass used in high-end luxury watches. Plus the finest, premium leather from Tuscany. The result, a high-end luxury watch at an affordable price.


For luscious lashes ! 

We all ladies care about lashes, don’t we? Given that fakes are not an option for me ( Always a messy situation, whenever I’ve tried to use them, they look funny up or one down ) I have to dedicate a few more minutes of my make up routine to curl them and giving them a few layers of mascara…just to make them “appear”. But lately I’ve been using FORLASH serum for lashes enhancing and growth and I’m really happy with the results so far! In my case, I noticed longer lashes, thickness not so much but I’ll be honest my lashes are almost invisible but once I apply mascara I can totally see a before and after serum effect. In honest thoughts it’s worth trying. But like all eyelash serums it’s not a permanent fix, you’ll need continuous use to keep the results.

A unique style accent … FromXtXavier

Let the accessories do the talk. In the homogenized fashion scene we live in lately, where everyone has the same this or that, it is refreshing to come up with something fresh, unique, exotic right? That’s why I love From StXavier bags. They cater distinctive styles evoking far and away lands, a touch of mystery and exotic allure that promises to turn heads!

Shoes…never too many!

Not much talk is needed when it comes to shoes, we can’t get enough of them! Some girls have asked via instagram where did I get these gorgeous studded shoes I’ve been wearing lately, so I thought I’d pass this useful info out – You might want to know they’re from Pink Inc Shoes, and they stock up to date trends with great quality at friendly prices like just to grab one of each color – Just paradise right?

For enchanting touches  – The Anthiea Collection

Last but not least, a little something for ambiance and visual bliss, – whether your bedroom or living, nothing brings that chic and enchanting factor like roses, – if only they could last. How about a beautiful arrangement you could keep more than a year? Then the investment is sooo wothy! At The Anthiea Collection you can find real flowers that last a year or more with proper care, in stylish arrangements that can turn a dull spot into a more pleasant and elegant space.

Long Lasting roses Australia

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