New Cult Bags to Know – Mlouye

Let’s be honest, we all ladies crave a designer bag, – in fashion talk there can’t never be too many designer bags in a woman’s wardrobe. For decades these objects of desire have been a symbol of status, regarded style elevators and portable investments from which we can still get a reasonable amount of money back in case of selling them as pre-loved high-end items, with some even going up in price. We even talk about those every woman should own, given their timeless design,  craftsmanship and tradition; they pretty much go with every outfit and can even be passed on from one generation to another.

But, I personally feel, is not longer about someone’s good taste, and rather the whole deal is about fitting in, being part of the club, and pretentiousness. Like the shield you need to feel good about yourself and proving others you belong. Aside from the whole counterfeit issue around this topic ( you wouldn’t believe how many of your favorite bloggers have actually posed holding an impostor bag) the lust for an it bag is such, that in some circles and events they don’t look at you, they look at your bag, not for what would be an obvious reason like ” what a cool bag” but, as if it was some sort of credential, and that shouldn’t be the case.

Don’t get me wrong I love designer bags and have added a few to my personal collection. I think they’re a good way to reward or treat yourself but like with everything in life, there are pros and cons. If you’re wealthy enough to not even think about it great, but someone’s style and even values, can’t be measured by how expensive their bag is.

As time passes, priorities change, and even tho fashion isn’t negotiable for me, that lust for the latest bag model I once had have worn out, the investment made doesn’t make up for to the times I get to wear it, specially when every time I carry one, it feels like a nanny job, minding every surface I put it on in efforts to not cause any scratches or stains.

I find that with the exception of certain events, we shouldn’t rely our identity on a logo, and if design and quality is what we’re looking for, there are new great labels out there which convey stylish design and quality, that turn heads and which price tag doesn’t hurt your wallet. Once such brand is Mlouye, born in Istanbul in 2015, this relatively new brand fuses an architectural design with luxurious feel. I came across its Instagram account a few months ago, and its distinctive proposal captured my attention right away. Seriously, I’ve never received sooo many compliments about a bag like with this one, and people asking where was it from, being mainly buzzed about among bloggers. My chosen one was the Flex Crossbody mini bag in pink, with enough space to carry make up, cash and a mobile, but it comes in a bigger size and even in a convertible update. Below are a few snaps of my Mlouye, a bit late but given the response feedback received, I thought I’d pass the news about it and where to find it!

New designer bags to know

Find this and other Mlouye styles below