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As a handbag lover, designer bags are always on my radar; I own a few, and I’d like to add some more to my collection one day. However, as time passes I’ve been putting a filter to my impulses and asking myself – Do I really want it, or is it rather a “gotta have it” because it’s a “they all have it” kind of thing? I know, certain bags aren’t called cult bags for no reason, but I also think bags are very personal items, and lately everyone seems to be wearing the same styles (I’m guilty of that too), you’ll be spotted in the street and people will know where your bag is from. Fashion is quite homogenised these days so at least I want a handbag that screams difference.

So I’ve been doing a steady transition towards new proposals with designs that bring some interest and uniqueness  without scandal and with excellent craftsmanship. So when I found Senreve, I got intrigued – I was finally admiring a bag by its attractive shape and immaculate construction rather than a logo; I loved that it’s aesthetic conveys an elevated everyday feel but it was even better to know it’s quality has Italian tradition as a stamp – Craftsmen constructing Senreve bags today have worked with top luxury brands for over 50 years.

Senreve has various stylish models but being a fan of structured bags the Maestra mini captured my heart right away. Don’t be deceived by its size, it still can carry significant elements like a camera and an Ipad; I loved the interior in top quality micro-suede with convenient inner pockets for better organization.  Since I’ve never had a white bag, I decided to give it a go this time with the mimosa blanc which has a more textured finish, but it comes in other different colours too. Plus it can be worn in many ways even as a backpack for a more sporty kind of look.

Featuring Senreve’s Mimosa Blanc Mini Maestra


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