Beauty sleep must – Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

We truly don’t need much to be happy, but we reeeeally need a few things here and there to look our best; from hair care, to make up to edible beauty enhancers, you name it, the list goes on an on, those little details we call essentials vary from one women to another, but I don’t know the first woman who has said, – “no thank you, I don’t need good skin”, the more we are in the know of what actually works for our skin, the better.

Good sleep, good diet, avoiding alcohol and smoking as well as and minimum stress as possible are key to maintain a healthy complexion from within, yet we need to protect it from external factors as well as infusing it with goodness, which is why, it occurred to me that I’d share my latest favorite beauty essentials,  Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair!

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair.

I know, I know, so many products promise this or that, but like I once said, I wouldn’t recommend it if I wasn’t a fan myself, that said – you can’t go wrong with Estée Lauder. Sleep time is crucial for our skin recovery, but we can maximize it applying a proper formula, like Advanced Night Repair, which I’ve been using as beauty sleep must, for about a month, and with the colder days kicking in I have only compliments for this little bottle.

And, how do I know if a product is good or not? Well,  I apply it first on my hands as my skin there is very sensitive and some health and care products actually irritate them badly. If it works wonders there, it’s green light for me and for my face. So the first thing I did was to apply a few drops on my usually dry fingers, and they rapidly turned soft and moisturized thanks to ANR’s formula which provides the soothing and hydration needed specially during colder months.

As with every treatment, it requires consistent use, but still, you can see desired effects, such as firmer and radiant complexion in the following days. I really love that it feels so light and fresh,  I even use it as a morning toner and primer, what’s not to love?

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Créme

What’s on my bedside table? Eye Créme of course. The sooner you start looking after your skin the better! With the skin around the eyes being 30% thinner, it makes total sense to be conscious about this delicate area, considering the constant and inevitable movements when laughing, crying, or squinting; nothing wrong with aging, as long as we do it gracefully, right? therefore the importance of a good eye créme in our routine. Now, I might not do a full pre bed beauty pamper every night but I do make sure to moisture and nourish my under eye area – lately with  Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Créme.  One plus about this product is its texture, creamy yet lightweight it can be used under your make up when used during the day.  I’m loving the results so far,  making my eyes look moistured and rested the morning after!

What’s your favorite night routine?

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