Beauty Products you should know – Cremorlab

We all have different needs when it comes to skin care products, that’s why I love finding beauty lines with suitable solutions for all skin types; if you’re somewhat on the lazy side when it comes to finding out what best suits you, or simply haven’t figured out your skin type yet, this post is for you! Trust me, I might not follow a religious skin care routine or use the same products everyday but I’m devoted to certain elements I consider essential for daily maintenance, such as a good cleanser, toner and eye cream. I always keep these types of products in my beauty basket, but given that I’ve been trying some from Cremorlab – Korean beauty brand, I thought I’d share them with you, – and you might want to try them too because they’re pretty gentle, suitable for all skin types and work wonders!  Did I mention Cremorlab contains no parabens, no mineral oils, no petrolatum, no benzophenone, no artificial colouring? Sounds great right?

A gentle cleanser –

Cleansing is a crucial step in every beauty routine, we often overlook the importance of removing unwanted and even hazardous particles we are always exposed to in our everyday life. So after a long day and before going to bed and applying a night cream, there’s nothing like a good cleansing to ensure our beauty products perform better or simply to leave our skin ready for recovery.  Cremorlab Gentle foaming cleanser is a great choice to achieve a deep cleansing that doesn’t leave you itchy or irritated, it is also suitable for sensitive skin.


Once your skin is clean, then it’s time for toning and comfort. Although toners are often deemed unnecessary, too astringent or drying, Cremorlab Skin Renewal Toner leaves your skin comforted and soothed. Its formula with Mineral-rich thermal water and skin energy enhancers promote hydration and elasticity. Just a few drops on a soft cotton ball or pad and gently wiping your face with it will refresh your skin, give the appearance of smaller pores, and a firmer look

Eye Cream 

Eyes always matter – Regardless of how lazy you are when it comes to beauty, never leave this area neglected.  If dark circles and fine lines are a concern for you then you should try the Cremorlab T.E.N Cremor Shadow-Off Eye Cream which tackles these conditions whilst plumping and firming the skin around the eye. Suitable for all skin types, even if yours is very sensitive.

And once a week, put a mask!

Trust me on this one, with the Hydrogel mask you won’t need a primer.  The Aqua Tank Water-full mask has been my face saver this winter.  The hydrolized collagen is calming, firming and provides deep hydration leaving your skin moisturised and with a youthful glow,  perfect as a  pre-event ritual, or as a weekly pamper!

About Cremorlab’s main ingredients

T.E.N. is the foundation of all of Cremorlab’s products. Made from a rare and mineral-rich thermal water, from Geumjin, a special region in Korea. But what makes this thermal water so special and unique? The secret to this water’s special values lies in minerals, the purest, most essential form of life energy that has undergone natural purification for 260 million years! T.E.N contains minerals with healing and revitalising powers, that help deliver the most effective components directly to your skin, in a formula optimised for absorption. Infused in the T.E.N water is the “golden ratio” of calcium and magnesium, which is approximately 30 to 40 times higher than other popular thermal waters. This amount ensures an ideal absorption rate so that the skin can soak up as much nutrients as possible.

 Post in collaboration with MaxMedialab